Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sorry guys, i have nothing on the project today, ive been practicing on foots all day long and working on request sketches. Hm my problem is applying anatomy to my style, alright here goes.

Time i start doing the 50 hand drawings run. But after some storyboard practice. Anyhow back to work !

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Had to post this in another entry, i really was fustrated on that previous entry. Anyway this isnt long:


Not much to say here, i just been sketching all week long and getting my anatomy down again. Also tried the painchat Sketchbattle thing on random uses (since nobody was moving their butts in the forum.) and i have to say im very dissapointed at that community, i seriously thought this was gonna be THE thing that would make painchat interesting but again im prooved wrong. Lets see:

I had 2 good matches at the beginning, my friend Aoi and Zombi, but in the middle of both, they had to leave for personal reasons, fair enought right, cant keep people drawing for 4 hours in a row if they have a life :D Yet i should have screen capped them.

The next match was with a Sheridan Studen Orange85, i didnt knew he was a sheridan student from the start and seeing he had a cocky attitude i expected and interesting sketchbattle. And so it begun, we sketched our first frames, introducing the situation and characters and so it went on. Now i dunno if i should feel bad saying this but, the guy seemed to lose his perspective and clarity as we went on, to a point where his actions and frames werent coherant nor readable. Fair enough, you're tired and still trying to go on, i respect that. Now adding to that, he starts skipping my frames/turns and instantly making "attack" panels always being direct hits. At that point i knew i worn him out too much and he was desesperate since it simply means you cant think of anyways to dodges or react in a smart way. But then we both had to go eat so we paused. That should have let the head die down. When we both came back i asked him if he would still continue. At that point, the guy went smart ass and started a flamewar saying he was a sheridan student, second year and that he already won. That kind lasted a while till i started correcting mistakes in both our frame with a red color and there he goes making useless draw overs saying that he wanted it to be "Dynamic" since its an "action" scene.
I really should have saved all of this to show how "Dynamic" can sometimes lack of expression and clarity. Or maybe he couldnt take the fact that he was getting beaten by a freeloader who learned perspective from books. Who knows, but that kinda crashed the mood and we had to clear the board since the log was clogged and we were stuck writing on each other's drawings.

ANYWAY, one bad experience shouldnt decieve a person right? So today i go on pchat again to get people into the sketchbattle mood (forums still didnt move) but then here comes excuses like " I have comissions to do" or " Im not that good" man, its lame to hear how people create excuses to evade new things. Still one was really fired up to do it and so it began. I drew the first frame and then he suddently shouts that he cant draw poses since he hasnt take life drawing in a while. Ok ill save you the whole detail and just say that he left after drawing one frame. In the end he had to go for some unknown reason.

Next one is Caluaga, seemed interested in it (specially that he went smart ass at first) and So it begun. I drew the first frame and then he started to draw this huge red monster. Fair enough lets see if he can frame it and put it in perspective. His second frame was as big and a plain horizontal view of a some bloody teddy bear. I ask him, what he meant and he told me that his monster generated some kind of super godly bloody teddy bear. F.....Fair enought, I drew my character attacking it and he typed that his bear would eat my character in some void. Ok sur, he drew his character opening the teddy's mouth and me character inside. Gotta love godmoding but hey its a challenge. I instantly drew my character holding on to his teeths and getting out. He CHANGED his frame to his teddy eating the character. At that point the argument started about My character just being human and this teddy being some kind of god. He clearly didnt get it yet this time a mod came in and broke us appart. Apparently the guy wasnt being serious and just wanted to mess with my head. Now guys, when it comes to drawing, i wont fuck around, i actually tried being serious for with this yet i keep landing on idiots who think its funny to get a person mad. These are also known as Internet Trollz.

Now im giving one last chance to that paintchat sketch batttle crap before i just dump the place and practice my storyboarding on paper instead of having it interactive. At first it seemed like a good idea to practice reaction, imagination ,perspective and everything, but now seems ill be landing on infantile morons who couldnt draw their own mugs without it being in anime style.

Anyway here are some of the images, im always drawing in blue:

Anyway back to serious stuff. More anatomy and pencil tests.