Sunday, November 25, 2007

Just sketching

Cant stop the sketching, yet getting back into anatomy training while doing the boring flash project:

Animatic at :

Lets roll.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sketching and such

Comission for subscription on DA:

Sketchjam 1
Battlegate artist Chris's birthday sketch

Theo Bain fan art
Sketchjam 2
Just being a spiderman fan.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Quitting Illustration:

Thats it, enough, no more time to waste.

I wanted animation in the first place but fear of loans kept me from getting there, well now i just dont get, bring on the 24 thousand dollar loan as long as i get into a program that focuses on DRAWING and not COPYING. Guys, i tell you, i was very tempted by the Illustration and design's versatility aspect (multi mediums and programs) yet so far, im learning less about drawing than when i was working as a beta tester and doing master copies at night. This is ridiculous. All ive been doing these past semester is trying to make "pretty stuff" using magazine pictures without learning much theory on the core of these pictures. Copy-projects that wont get me zilt jobs in the industry if i dare to put them in a portfolio and a major nervous breakdown when i found out that my long waited for animation class in year 2 IS IN FLASH. Now, seriously, i tried explaining to my teacher that flash is just a tool and id be best to learn hand drawn animation first yet i keep getting BS excuses about flash being the industry, flash being so great and all. Boulder dash. Humongous boulder dash. Right now, ive dropped most of my illustration classes in order to prepare a portfolio for both sheridan and disney. It seems the only way ill ever get fast experience is either find a good program or find a good job. I have learned more as a tester amongst concept artists than as an illustration student amongst other student. Why? CRITICISM! An artist's best friend, from the time i wanted to become serious a friend at my work place gave NO MERCY to the bad anime and hogart wannabe drawings i had years ago. That was prime, i kept running with the feedback and continued to push myself further, yet coming in school, everything i farted was nice to these students and teacher, these were the most painful months in my life. I recently met up with an ex-co-worker at ADAPT montreal and got the trashing of my life. Well my work got trashed and IT WAS GLORIOUS, pinpointed mistakes i quickly jumped on as soon as i got home, doubled anatomy studies, man i cant let go of that knowledge rush for some bs illustration praises. So right now, no more, i might just finish that animation class to make sure that failing it doesnt look bad on my record if i try to enter a REAL animation program then full throttle on portfolio road.

To anyone reading this, show no mercy when criticizing the work on this blog, praises only hurts the artist receiving them lol