Sunday, February 24, 2008

And we start again

Just like i noted last time, using some new strategies to beat photomerge's dastardly effect until i can afford a bigger scanner or laptop (soon). The laptop would be my secret weapon, why, cause i usually work on the go and around friends. Ive never liked doing my work in class (mostly cause people talk alot back then.) and its hard to do it at home as there alot of people talking (urgh) while i usually cover them with music or movies, so distractionpalooza. Sooooooo, time to save up.

BTW, i was hired by toonboom a week ago and loving the job, only prob is i MUST force a better sleeping schedule on myself. Its been a whole month since family problems caused me to return home at around midnight to evade certain people there (more on that in a rare emo journal post.) so thats left me with 5 hours of sleep every night which makes me take 2 cups of coffee, 1 rockstar energy drink and 1 back of extreme spicy doritos. And all that still doesn't keep all my senses awake. So far, sleeping in my work room at home seems to work for an hour or two so i guess that'll be my strategy. Also im loving the job, great people, all pro-traditional animation people, you learn so much there just by hearing random conversations on the industry and people are very helpful. Ill be amping my training to match their expectations. This means, everything else will be slown down: Comissions, void, art trade, gift art. I also gotta create new characters for these guys, this'll be a rush.

Now on for void, well that first battle was a flunk, family situation didnt help and i HAVE to get a second gig of ram. So here goes:

Let the party start for match 2.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lost the void but got the job.

For a first battle, that was a flop but in the mean time I GOT THE JOB! Oh yeah, now working at toonboom on a project it cant speak of. (Policies have to be respected). But ill actually be drawing most of the times. Sure beats beta testing splinter cell all over again. So far preparing 2 sets of page layouts. First one's for the job im at, X amount of pages, lets see where it goes, the second one is for my second battle on void, im going overdrive on that one with less than a week for penciling as an objective, NO MORE BLUE PENCIL since photomerge seems to be screwing me everytime and polygonal lasso for the win. I think ive decrypted the udon coloring technique, so far, here goes:

This is for an art trade with

Gonna be experimenting a bit more but next up is full pencil to digital transition.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Still Alive

Barely, ill write up on the story a bit later on, till then

Page 1 outta 10:

Rest will be posted as soon as the battle is up.