Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things looking clear

Gotta keep reminding myself to stop trying to reach "standards" and keep improving what i do.

outlines feel like a crutch to me, since my mind goes into the state saying " ok lets finish this" and if the outline doesnt look good, whole thing seems scrapped. But by outlining, i cant seem to stick to the natural flow of the construction. Like this :

Doesnt get my mindset running since i force myself to make outlines from the construction i do. Seems to kill my motivation to go further with the piece, its an odd feeling, enough wrestling with this to try and achieve some "standard" or style.


Theses really push me in a certain way: Maybe its the way theses pencils have "no f*cks given"
Maybe its cause i dont have the feeling i gotta "seal" anything, maybe its the lack of a "Step by step approach".
Who knows but if it gets me going, lets keep it up and see if i can find ways to get the same rush with other mediums. Maybe doing straight on prismacolor pencils and marker blending - Straight up digital painting - straight up 4b drafting etc.

No fear no holfing back, it seems.