Friday, July 11, 2008

More compilations

Before i forget, now i have to get an A3 scanner, nm the auto feeder will buy another one when the opportunity comes.

Art Jeet kun do

I dunno anymore, i mean, i want it all but at the same time i cant restrict myself to animation style only, of course it all comes down to practice, knowledge and determination. Alright alright, so after checking a couple of bruce lee movies and interviews i might have another path to understanding. Just doing it with no strict approaches after knowing these approaches. Kinda like merging and melting these techniques to get some kind of my own result. Its hard not to remain to old principals, very hard, extremely hard but being formless and shapeless to then mold back and forth kinda struck me at random times when im sketching in perspective at high speed. I havent really noticed until today when i got sick of my miserable results at perspective in the morning that, i was thinking too much about which approach i should and remain with when starting a figure.

I was stuck with two to three approaches, the marvel way, the vilppu way and Glenn Keane's force approach. All 3 have distinct ways of either starting the figure, holding the pencil and anatomical stylizing. Now i kept trying to try them one by one, one after the other to see which ONE should i use and force myself to master. I found myself switching from one another when failure occurred. Seemingly focusing too much on the pencil and approach to get me where i want to go. Yet at one point, i just came crashing down that 10th piece of animation paper with only one thought remaining in my head: "Faster, Faster, FASTER" and then silence. Nothing else was heard and my hand just went loose. Whenever i though of something, i instantly heard myself saying " Shut up, you're thinking too much" then utter silence followed. No more stupid thoughts about scanning, people in the bus looking, scanning and such, just draw, fix, ADAPT. My hand just switched drawing positions by itself in order to ADAPT to the specific pose i was trying to draw. Just like that, approaches overlapped each other consecutively with no breaks just like a chain.

F**king weird aint it. I wonder if i can hit that state in a broader scale, not only with poses and figure construction but with composition, storytelling, layouts and even coloring. Its odd, its exilerating, seems i want to try everything in that "trance" if i manage to channel it at will that is. I recall that state when reading Sarah Simblet's Drawing with the right side of the brain. No thoughts , no symbols, just you, the model, the idea.
Jeez, talk about Art Kung fu and the worst part is i may probably forget it unless i add a few reminders to myself, including this blog post...