Monday, March 31, 2008

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling ...

Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok.

Mixing traditional keyframes and trying to do Digital Inbetweens is practically impossible without a nice texture brush and bitmap imports. Vectors can cut it. So ill have to try Toon Boom Digital Pro at work during break to see if its worth the effort, in the mean time. ITS INK FIESTA!

Brushpens, Sable brushes coming soon.

Digital Gift:
Off to work, later all.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Up and running

After a few weeks of switching between animation and comic at work, i still get time to sketch on the bus and such. Void experience #2 is ok, all pencil and ill post it as soon as that "Wait till the votes are over", annoying rule since i get to wait more than a week for serious feedback. Anyway, Experiment #3 is gonna be gray marker on bristol probably, right now i can afford Sable brushes so back to inking on paper for a while. Getting a laptop is on hold, saving up to get one but on hold so far. I got a few animation key frames ill upload later tonight if i don't fall asleep earlier.

Friday, March 07, 2008


--Early morning post full of typos.--

Now ive been thinking and wondering about this for a while and it aint gonna let go until i finally write it down.
Testing seems to be the black hole of all things, testing games, testing animation softwares, giving feedback on em etc. Ive seen people remain at these positions for years after finishing diplomas and such but i always wonder why.
I mean, if you have a BA in animation, why not go animate in a studio or participate in game projects. Well, as a first job its quite comfortable, i mean, great pay, cool people to work with, partially doing what you love and you may get to draw.
Yet what breaks the illusion is the idea that we may just be "playing Animator" all this time.
Feedback is nearly none existent and your work may not count as yours or not at all.
Its like giving a part of your devotion but not receiving the full reward you know.
I guess that to break free from this you'd have to stay away from the illusion and keep pushing it to the limit while showing your work around, man i really dunno anymore.
Lets just see what happens this time.