Sunday, June 25, 2006

Besides caricaturist and portrait artist, we also have forceful christians in the streets of Vieux montreal. This past friday ive been doing a couple of gestures in the streets till this person came up to me asking if i knew the who the devil was. (Oh i was prepared for that type of person.) We spoke, after a few minutes of pointless arguing about what happens if i die and more talk about death, i just told him that i didnt care about death and i live to reach my personal objectives being as good as i can be with everyone around. Then the guy started yapping about the after life but i counter attacked with the fact that alot of christians do not accept other people have the right to believe whatever they want. BAM, that forced him to repeat the same speech annoying speech as last time as he couldnt say anything else. He then quickly backed away saying that i shouldnt tell him how to do his job ((A rough translation is, you dont have the right to say your opinions, i wont allow it.)) hell, got rid of that one in a peaceful way as 6 years ago i would have kick the shit out of such a narrow minded fool. I personally HATE religious people acting in such hypocritical ways. Oi anyway, more loading time studies.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Overtime is a killer but i still have time to gesture during work and believe me, i have a shit load of gestures in these sketchbooks but 1 out of 30 might be worth posting hahaha. Drawing in the bus is such a challenge cause i cant flip my pencil nor use my whole arm....not use fast and swift lines making me look like a crazy person XD But hey, all about practice. Besides that, i got back from the Conceptart workshop with some new moves and more sense, xcept more art techniques conflicting each others which isnt helping one bit. Its kinda like Animation techniques vs Painting techniques, all tools to use and balance but taking them too straight forward will cause brainfreeze. Also being more adventurous with my markers to a point when i just gesture with them to start out sketches. Anyway lets hope the next update isnt in a month and ill try to carve time to post here. Hopefully the overtime period will end in a few weeks.