Friday, January 17, 2014

Current Update

Better keep it real foos. 

Mizzah Tee on youtube’s got real talk !

Basically, the character is part of the administrators of the universe. Often lays down the law with direct beatdowns to the players acting out of line. His abilities are a mix of Balrog from SF, Trey Mack, Little Mack from punchout and K’ from KOF. The agent thing is his own personal clan ” The Agents” which currently has a single member - Him.

Janis 0t4ku - Confirmed

She is kind of a star player, always hyping up events and publicly challenging other players while recording the fights for study purposes and her personal website. She’s another boxer type, fully focused on Melee but unlike Agent Mack, she didnt sink it all in Offense, rather a 70% defense over offense making her a terrific tag teaming partner if the case comes up. 

Slayer - Confirmed 

Another Main Character, you can consider him a “Mage” class. All-In on magic technology and controls his element with ease. Quite a smart ass with no locks on his motor mouth, couldnt give much more of a damn about the other players, he’s just trashing about where ever he goes - Till he gets wrapped up in a specific conflict.

Crow - confirmed
One of the main characters of project-MV. A highly skilled player who’s sole focus is all about sword fighting. Hes constantly sparring with other players and even trains many swordsman adept as its a tricky class to master without multi classing.