Monday, March 12, 2012

Art pet peeves

See-through bangs:
Arent those artists forgetting to erase eyes drawn under the hair layer? Is it considered stylish !? It just looks looks weird and incoherent.

Re-using famous model sheets:
Ive seen Ariel, Simba, Balto, Alladin pasted over an array of characters making them all feel like an army of clones with different hair styles. I kinda see why my old friend Eric was pissed off at disney shapes in general, there's been so many people reusing those previously made shapes but not understanding how theses shapes create character traits which were designed for specific character, not an clones of them.

Kingdom Hearts/Sonic/Hetalia fan art:
Putting it all in the same basket since all testosterone has been removed from theses franchises due to fans letting their fantasies drive them do draw nightmarish scenes with those characters.

Anime eyes:
Most of the times, they have no form, its just flat with no eye sockets, im sure ive seen advanced artists give them dept and actual volume but not many take the time to tackle that method.

Pretty sure there is more but thats all i can pop up this early in the morning. Back to bed.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

What fuels you.....

All in the spirit of constant reminders, whether its training, phone calls, task  - I need to keep an image representing what is fueling me to push forward and constantly learn new techniques.
And seeing indie game development just sparks back that fire in me again. Completing projects, getting the feedback then moving on to the next with more experience. I want this industry to go back to its roots, no DLC scams, no online pass BS, no movie like production, just a simple, fun interactive game with likable, unique characters and replay value.
And as for animation, less puppeteering animations and TV shows.
Back to work.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Work barf

Streaming focus on hair volume analysis. Another personal work but i wanted to get Abrao, elisa and lisa’s hair to work in 3d space. Had a fun chat about various things. 
All at: 
might make another quick stream during the night but its gonna be for minor side project.

Brainfart !