Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Im trying to fend off the video game crave, i recently sunk right back in counter strike and half life 2 argh gotta draw, gotta draw.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Semester over, not much to post except some void concepts that im finaliz
ing this week:

Couple of move tryouts:

Failed model sheet, the main mistake being that the concept changed and also i cant seem to brush pen hair for heck, yet i like tmthe type of rendering i did on this, ill have to try and make the shadows darker.

First intro page, this was harder than expected, took me at least 6 attempts before getting this, ill have to cram the importance of massive thumbnailing in my head. It really helped with page 2, but now, another problem, brush pen inking panels is a whole other challenge.

Redesigned character: Gotta see if i can brush pen the new hair but up to now, i got the attitude down.

Copy paste from topic since im lazy to re-type:

"Till then, this character used to life on an islander village until a false prophet foretold that throwing him in the nearest volcano would appease the angry gods as he physical difference makes him a demon among man. He eventually miraculously survived the fall while acquiring an immunity against fire and the ability to create mini explosions where his fists and palm contacts. He didnt go back for revenge but instead spent time living in the forest and protecting its residents (yeah cheesy.) Until trucks began to swarm the area forcing him to fend all of them off and eventually discovering that they came from a company in void city."

"Also did some really quick thumbs for that back story, basically, he was the son of the islander tribe's king/leader who was trying to be one with nature until one day mother Gaia warns him out of the blue that his people isnt treating the earth with care and respect (anyone smells cheese?) of course her appearance scared him away and as he went around trying to tell his tribe about what happened it the fallen prophet took it as advantage and labeled him as a Demon who brought the wrath of gaia upon himself which might ultimately affect the whole tribe. So to popular vote he was sentenced to be cast into the volcano to cleans the tribe of all evil deeds. He couldn't put up much of a fight at that time. He miraculously survived the fall, actually, Mother Gaia prevented his certain death yet in exchange he would have to do he bidding. She imbued him with fire and volcanic abilities (could be a poke at the way he nearly died or how he would get revenge.) with this power came an attitude change. (Fire, anger management requirement, a bit more violent, cocky attitude etc.) So even thought he ows his life to Gaia, he doesn't always follow her to the letter."

Now for the last 5 to 6 days i had my share of video gaming stress relief including online half life mods and PSP games, i think im definatly recovering from the whole semester and ready to attack the work load i have here, including art trades, gift arts, animation projects and void, time to spark ot up!