Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quick thoughts

Few thoughts:
Portfolio and job search wise i must play on my strength instead of showing what i WANT to do in the future.
Again i try to aim for some god damned rendering art job- high painterly things which i dont really favor but i REALLY want to jump in the constant drawing cycle so im throwing myself at any artjobs i see with no success. 
Which is why working on the prototype sprites in flash would be a boost BUT, if i dont try going for the other jobs then i dont know i'd get it, so why not? 
Yet the focus should be on prototyping and not doing any TRIAL periods (we all saw how that worked with Slang studio, as fun as it was- no pay no gain.)

Noticed my odd, long terms artistic cycle: 
- Recheck the basics/fundamentals
- Recheck anatomy entirely/Go to life drawing session
- Experiment with different mediums and  Get fed up with personal work looking too academic
- Experiment with personal work 

I want to see if i can compress this year span cycle into a monthly or 2-month cycle. I feel like, combined with morning training, ill evolve faster that way. 
More priority re-working.