Friday, August 24, 2007

School just started so ill have to wait till the weekend to post new stuff. This semester is the fun semester, animation, illustrator, more rendering. Now i have to beat the deadlines head on, no late penalties and all. And also, NO VIDEO GAME DISTRACTION. That DS and PSP will remain sealed for a while, i hope. Ill try to post some new stuff tonight.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Patching the first page...

Gonna need to go with the 8b next time, maybe doing this on higher than 11x14 will give me more flow and also, ill have to post my farewell to Mike who passed away.... alright round 2.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Otakuthon 2007

This year for otakuthon, our illustration and design group tried to do an print sale to fundraise our vernissage. We got at least 6-8 people to participate but we were only 3 people at the table. In any cases it was a blast, met up with alot of people, old friends as well.

Carron, Sheryl and i chilling at the tables:

Steve from VG cats and i after out sketch jam. :

The 1 min sketch jam was about, anything and of course we started thinking ...yeah lol. :

Another target i have to disney-fy ! Bwahahahah:

Great Group cosplay of the Nintendo old schoolers.:A confrontation i setup between Ichigo and Cloud, ended in a tie.:

Yuna's ghost from FFX12:

Headshot, the team and i:

Fun event and lots of plans for next year, its gonna be time for a second impact.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

slowed down take 2:

Anthrofest passed, pretty good moment, met back with some good friends i met last year and this time double backed their contact info so that'll prevent some loses if my hd dies again. But for now, its time to work for otakuton, we have a class fund raising plan where we sell prints over there and all the funds go for the vernissage. So ill be there doing sketch commissions all day at our class table and possibly sketching people on location for the heck of it, studies and all. For now, here's a sketch i did for an anthrofest participant:

Anime sketches will be uploaded tonight.