Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Cannon spiking through life

Ok so i passed the training, im at my new job, time to get into gears as well as getting used to the well structured system, i got a bit confused on my first REAL day yet after a night or revising the procedures, im ready for action. Now im enjoying this even if im on the evening shifts so i get to draw in the morning then work at night.

As for the drawing, im brain storming this Cyper Punk brainfart project i might send to Galvo if time allows it. I got till halloween to get 4-5 pages done, ill be posting the quick concepts next post.

The good: I get to explore a new concept
The Bad: Might not have time to experiment more painterly ways.

Either ways, i just want to feel this one out and see where it goes, hopefully it'll be done in time.

Also, time to move out again, my friend Jeff offered a room at his place so its a great chance to tag team the bills. Also, im in a shit area filled with heat seeking hobos and drunkards, just now i went to buy some bread and cheese on credit ( i didnt get paid yet) and this messed up fucker litterally walks up to me asking change for weed. Fuck sake man, what kind of idiot posts himself infront of a grocery store, to ask for money from people who fucking WORK FOR THEIR FOOD.
Enough is enough, theres only so much tolerance one can bare.
So the packing up begins and i hope i can perform my 1 week packing madness i did last year, same month, IRONYYYYYYYYYYYYY lol.