Monday, July 02, 2012

Bare with me


I know ive been quiet, bit delayed for the Extra Stage Disc 2 pages and overall low response mode during the last few weeks so i might as well give a sign of life aside from sketches and such.

I fking hate political crap, i really really hate it and just diving into those has often made my head spin since i just want to draw, earn money to help the family and try to break into the f-ing game industry.
But -
I cant and shouldn't ignore whats going on in Montreal - Quebec , Toronto and Canada in general.
During the last few weeks, ive been witness to some of the most un-diplomatic maneuvers in my lifetimes which actually sent chills down my spine just thinking of the extent they went.

Wait - Before i hear " It could be worst " or the famous " Its worst in other countries".  I would like to clear out the fact that - I know - and i also do NOT want things to get to theses levels - thus i am worried about things slowly spiraling to such extremes.

We're cool? Alright, Student protest - Uve all heard about it, seen the solidarity between countries and how there's been alot of spark in quebec, its nuts but even since our government has instated its famous law 78 - prohibiting protests  of MORE THAN 50 persons without 8 HOUR NOTICE - sparks turned into full on blazes. It became more than protesting against tuition hikes, it became about freedom to protest and speak out against government miss-steps. From then on, there were ferocity hikes on both sides - Multiple protesting factions have popped up, each with different plans and motions in attempt to awaken people towards the government's lack of tact in this situations. On the government's side, they have sent the police force to contain the various protests using tear gas, riot charges - the whole chabang. Its been disgusting to see, well actually, both sides are kinda irritating to see.
The fuck do i mean?
Ok well, look  Protesters vs Cops vs Government
Protesters are striking out on the Government's lack of tact and back room deals (oh boy thats a whole podcast on its own)
Cops are weary, over worked and over stressed - It doesnt excuse their recent actions but they ARE humans and ARENT ALL EVIL.
The government is sitting back and adding more laws to strike down protesters. (Reinforced park curfew, tickets on sight, profiling.)

As the Protesters and Cops are considering each other as enemies, why aren't they realizing that this whole mess has been started by our Government in the first place?
There wouldn't be hikes if there weren't this much money wasted on back room deals and (oh boy) explaining why the hikes are in place using public commercials (Quite expensive to explain why you have no money.)
In the end, there has to be a push towards finding a middle ground and fast. Im not saying that denouncing corruption and bad government management is wrong but finding a middle ground could kinda bring balance to the whole situation, at least for the moment.

And all this is just the Montreal - Quebec level . Shit got even more real on the Canadian level with Harper passing crafty laws while the enter Montreal Mess and G-20 protests are taking center stage.

Ok ok ok - were am i going with this?

Oh right

You may not like politics nor give a shit about current events - Its alright, many things are hard to keep up with and require hours to research on your own. (Youtube, press, google, blogs)
But caring make a difference.
Staying informed makes a difference.
Debating and researching makes a difference.
The more informed you get on the situations around your location, the better your chances to impact them and possible make things better.
Always look at both sides of the medal and if one side doesn't show its light, ask them why, get an answer.
Dont simply follow one source of information since, as we're constantly reminded theses days, information can be tweaking, modified and changed to favor one side and its so easy not to do research that the spoon-fed information can become law after a while.

Best to give a shit than to ignore and get bitten back in the ass a few years later on.

Same thing can be said on the gaming industry but fuck typing ill do a mini voice blog on that.

Later people  !