Friday, June 23, 2006

Overtime is a killer but i still have time to gesture during work and believe me, i have a shit load of gestures in these sketchbooks but 1 out of 30 might be worth posting hahaha. Drawing in the bus is such a challenge cause i cant flip my pencil nor use my whole arm....not use fast and swift lines making me look like a crazy person XD But hey, all about practice. Besides that, i got back from the Conceptart workshop with some new moves and more sense, xcept more art techniques conflicting each others which isnt helping one bit. Its kinda like Animation techniques vs Painting techniques, all tools to use and balance but taking them too straight forward will cause brainfreeze. Also being more adventurous with my markers to a point when i just gesture with them to start out sketches. Anyway lets hope the next update isnt in a month and ill try to carve time to post here. Hopefully the overtime period will end in a few weeks.

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