Sunday, July 09, 2006

Overtime all week long, Enabled. Last 2 weeks of this project, waith, last week i think, anyway, ill try and sketch faster during the loading times but im not completely done with the torso. Yet the next 2 weeks i have to train on my lines (gotta be looser and less sketchy.) and also its time to take on the upper arm so ill still be sticking with the torso a bit longer but more focus on the upperarm. Didnt have time to due much gestures yet if i raise my speed a bit i might be able to pull off the ammount ive done last week in such short ammount of time. Gotta keep doing it even though 1 outta 20 might be good. Oh also, Kobo got back from the anime convention he spoke about, be sure to check out all the pics on his blogs linked on the right side.
Anyhow, back to studies, later gang.

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Karrey said...

Seems like you update this a lot. (And I have missed a lot too. :U *shame*)

Got myself an sketch blog too. Got you linked. :)