Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hey !

End of semester rush, 3-4 projects left, barely got time to sleep.

1-Insect fully detailed with patterns, dept, transparancy, etc.
2-Landscape of mystery project.
3-Animal in pointilism (40 hours min)
4-English term paper.

I recently had to rush my art history assignement since im not too keen on deadlines yet (way to go, way to go.) Here are the panels, im personally not satisfied with them since i lost alot of force converting the line work to marker work but ill experiment some more and see how goes. I still need to do some frames on my own mini series but for now, lets get these projects done and end this semester.

Final Round !

Go !


Anonymous said...

no i went to, sorry for not replying in french but my spelling is horrible. thanks for the support.

Alina Chau said...

Nice artworks. Thanks for visiting my blog and write me a comment. :)

PoppyZann said...

Hello Super Rom ! Marry Christmass and happy New Year !!!