Sunday, March 04, 2007

Flooded with projects atm, around 5 at the same time with random essays sneaking up on me time after time. Already handed in a rendering project a technical drawing perspective assignement, a clayboard project, a color project and i gotta hand in that inking project tomorrow. Then time to study animal heads since ill have to mold one into clay to create a hybrid clay piece, long story and ill try to take a picture whenever i can.

-Current objectives:

[Urgent comission attempt] : Low on cash and its time to get serious.
-Brush pen practice
-Value practice : Time to get down with it since i wont be able to do a thing in color if i dont get a grip of value.
-Marker practice: Basic shapes THEN l33t characters.
-Watercolor pencil practice: Time to make something better than that last portfolio
-Animal and human anatomy sacrifice: As BlueRaptor told me, gotta sacrifice some parts of the anatomy to emphasise certain actions, lets go.

[Void objectives]
-Using the techniques above, finalize character sheets and intro panels.

I might not post till next month or study break, till then feedback is big help, you can be sure ill practice on it. Gotta thank Hen-Hen, Blue Raptor and Viper for the straight on criticism. Now time to ATTACK ATTACK ATTAAAAAAAAAAAAACK ! *quietly works on the school projects.*


locosketcho said...

Hey Rom, j'ai recue ton e-mail..Quesqui se passe avec ton msn ? lol.

Entocas, A plus !

- Danica

PoppyZann said...

Coucou Super Rom :)
Ben dis donc ils ont pas encore réussi à t'écoeurer à l'école !! Génial, tien bon !!! plein de courage pour continuer !! Les temps sont moroses là où tu sais... Plus de projet... je me remets à dessiner :D C'est plutôt bon ça !
A tout bientôt !