Monday, July 09, 2007

Reworking on the spark, going back to previous idea since im not getting much feedback.

Winning page ideas:

Playing with marker techs:

Gotta work on the blaze since ill be tag teaming him with Kobo's Fang for an upcoming tournament.
Gift art for poinko:

More marker test, not so lucky with colors tough.


dan szilagyi said...

hey thanks for the comments man! i'm glad you think my stuff has some sort of energy or something in them! i don't tend to like my own work too much but its good to know someone sees something i don't
haha i take it that you've either played guilty gear or are a fan? i love that series, the new one coming out is GREAT...different timings and moves.
your stuff is looking good to, keep up with all the work, maybe focus on your form a bit more and get more solid stuff, think line of action and clear posing.
and yeah i took an animation course in vancouver (2d)
thanks again for dropping by

Bonhomme said...

Nicely rounded character Mokuu!
The way he moves and act show such plalyfulness and mild mischief give; it gives him much personnality.