Monday, October 08, 2007

Few assignments did in class, probably redoing them traditionally for my demo reel.


PoppyZann said...

Lâche pas !!!! Excellent !!! Des trucs qui gigotent !!!

Dis tu m'envoies ton mail que j'arrête de raconter ma vie sur ton blog ! tu l'as plus mon mail ? arf zut !?

Sur quoi j'ai bien pu noter la tienne.... Je vais chercher !

Ken said...

looking good! nice wee animations ya got there!

Dan Szilagyi said...

thanks for the mention, i do know about that guilty gear game, i'm guessing its the horrible 3D one? i don't expect a good game out of that, if anything it'll be like street fighter EX or KOF 3d which both suck in my opinion.
good going with the animation, to be honest flash IS the only way to keep a job animating in canada at least, unless your super ( and i mean like feature pro good) you probably won't be able to do 2D animation.
Its sad because i love the classic stuff myself, but i've heard from animator friends who work with flash that it does get to a point where they can do everything in flash just as well as on paper.
So my advice is to just suck up as much exp. as you can with 2D, learn your timing and spacing and if at all possible take more school, its one of the things i'm really thinking about myself, don't settle for a one year course,i know sheridan is a bit far for you but its a good school to go to if you can.
keep up life drawing! and look and watch tons of animation from everywhere and try to learn from it.
anyway hope if helps, if you have any industry questions give me a shout on my blog, i'd be happy to answer whatever i can.

TiGSiE said...

I really like the drawings in your jump. I'd say you don't need the pause before the actual leap. He kinda needs that momentum from coming in going into his spring. Then I'd take out some frame from the take off and close to landing parts to make them give more sense of weight and more UMPH when he lands.

Cute monkey guy. I have yet to learn flash myself. More of a 3D animation person. :3