Monday, December 03, 2007

Markering some more

Probably gonna get chewed down for bad prioritizing but i needed to tackle this pic first in order to make sure i wouldn't choke while markering the commissions and also cause i was late for this:

Mythokus is created by Theo Bain at and

Cant wait to see when he releases his comic : D

In the mean time, inking somewhat clicked, thick outlines to thin inside lines, its all starting to make sense, now i have to stop being lazy and pick up the brushes instead of brush pen, even for practice shots. Mixing anatomy and the force also seems to make more sense, its as if i have to let it all go when i sketch, spill out all the knowledge i know about the muscles when i gesture and then experiment condensing with straight vs curves, thinking too much about style is seriously limiting, hell i start using perspective frequently two years after pounding it into my head with the loomis books, pretty bad. Scene setting, thumbnailing army, composition, animating, i wish i could just drive with em all the time, no fear and all, all day, every day, no holding back, stuff i just read and didn't tackle enough, man i need time to think, cant wait till this semester is over.
No more illustration program, good morning animation and drawing focus.

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