Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Re voiding

Reworking on the void char, DA tourney over soon so lets get ready for more training.

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Dan szilagyi said...

Hey Mokuu, thank you so much for the long ( and useful) tips with copic markers, i'm starting to understand what you said about the tones and blending, i haven't used markers to color with since i was like in grade 9 or something so it'll take some time, I've posted more work that i did using them and i think i'm getting a little better each time.
I haven't checked your blog for so long but i looked over almost all the posts on this page, good for you for trying to get more 2D knowledge out of the school/teachers, flash is a huge part of the industry right now and its good to know how to animate/build characters but yeah nothing beats 2D, your drawings are getting better as well, its good that you study the old masters paintings and drawings, i remember doing that myself last year, best thing to do (if possible) is to LIFE DRAW and do it alot and often if you can keep at that for a year you'll see a huge jump in your drawing ability, and i mean the quick gesture type of life drawing, not the long light/shadow stuff, those are important as well but its better to be grounded in pose and balance before worrying about details and lighting.
some of the stuff i looked at to get better and practice was also comic art, people like Micheal Turner, J.scott campbell is great for women and action poses, Sean galloway is good to since his style is simple and clear to see.
Another thing that i found useful was listening to Steve silver's artcasts ( he did the designs for kim possible,clerks animated) he had some pretty good advice so you can download his casts on his blog ( in his archives, some are older)
That's all i can think of right now but keep drawing, another small tip ( hard as it is) just draw old master stuff ( nothing else at all!) for a few months, its tough but a great way to learn and save time.
best of luck and see you around