Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rush Rush Rush Times 3 !

Cant talk much, first battle on entervoid, page layouts done (10 total) working on 3 commissions to pay for the dead fan replaced on credit 2 days ago, gotta pay for tuition which might be reimbursed if i don't go to school this semester, trying to do some kind of animation portfolio for both disney and a local flash studio here, shit, should i still apply for sheridan?! *takes a deep breath* and gotta earn cash for model sessions. Things are a mess here, but no despair, time to fight harder, ATTACK ATTACK ATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK !

Birthday present for, go checkout superworldpresent's comic :D

Watercolor mess with Katarina, ill have to write a bio for her to explain the inhuman size of her cleavage, its a very serious story part. Yet i messed her face as soon as the water hit.

During a surfing exercise, Drake got attacked by one Giant Shark and surely though it was his last right, Yet the quiet native guy he adopted as a brother suddenly rushed in and kicked a whole in the shark's head ((wind kick, but underwater?!)). Drake was so surprised he wasn't eaten alive that he gave him his eternal gratitude and told him that he was gonna give the ultimate gift a guy could give another guy:

He was gonna get him laid.

So they headed to a bar later that night...

This is from a second story i had in mind, same world as Mokuu's saga but different area/country.

Ok back to the shamble, later !


Dan szilagyi said...

Hey man,

busy busy eh? but then aren't we all? nice posts, as for school i highly highly suggest going to sheridan if you can! man i wish i could go myself, but alas student loans and debt don't help much.
your really putting together a portfolio for disney? congrats! i still think i'm not good enough yet to try out, although i hear they are really serious with who submits.
just keep hacking away man...and happy late b-day??
oh...thanks for the email, i did know about that book though, i saw it from a friend during life drawing.
i do plan to buy it though.


Dan szilagyi said...

hey dude,

I know eh? Avatar has grown so far, its still fairly kiddy like in terms of story ( i mean some parts are a bit cheesy) but everything else is so good that i can easily forgive it.
I first saw it when Nick came up to my school and talked to us about themselves and what shows they were doing, at that time avatar looked cheesy to me, i mean a kid with an arrow forehead? but when it was on TV later i started to watch and i got hooked.
now i'm season 3 ep 13 and its great.
watch season 3 ep 2 i think? its the headband one, frame by frame it when aang fights with the other kid its so awesome! drawings are very on model and well done.
as for your b-day you said in this post that it, so i guessed that it was?
yeah i argee, i guess you don't have anything to lose really to submit to disney, have you seen what you need to send to them? its on their site somewhere as well as an example portfolio, and that scared me a bit :(
anyway help it goes well man


jeremy melton said...

Great work man. Are you school now? Or are you finished?

PoppyZann said...

Taaaa ! Super Rom, merci pour le petit mot laissé sur mon blog !
Pour le moment nous sommes toujours en France mais nous partons pour manchester (UK donc) dans quelques jours ! Nouvelles contrées, nouveau job (petite boite de jeux)nouvelles aventures ! Prends soin de toi et à tout bientôt !!!