Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lost the void but got the job.

For a first battle, that was a flop but in the mean time I GOT THE JOB! Oh yeah, now working at toonboom on a project it cant speak of. (Policies have to be respected). But ill actually be drawing most of the times. Sure beats beta testing splinter cell all over again. So far preparing 2 sets of page layouts. First one's for the job im at, X amount of pages, lets see where it goes, the second one is for my second battle on void, im going overdrive on that one with less than a week for penciling as an objective, NO MORE BLUE PENCIL since photomerge seems to be screwing me everytime and polygonal lasso for the win. I think ive decrypted the udon coloring technique, so far, here goes:

This is for an art trade with

Gonna be experimenting a bit more but next up is full pencil to digital transition.

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Dan szilagyi said...

Hey dude

got a job at toonboom eh? lucky punk! wish i could get something like that, its super super dead over here for work, lots of my friends are just finshing so looks like the animation art industry is in a bit of a bust.
So are you drawing or animating for work? or are you testing something out for them?
its a cool software program though.
anyway thanks for the comment on my blog, i wanted to go work at nerdcorps but i didn't get in with those boards, i did them in 2 days but i guess they didn't want so much posing? or maybe they wanted something more? blah its so hard to tell with boarding for a 3D show.
either way the guy who got back to me said it showed alot of promise so i guess that's good.
looking forward to seeing what kinda stuff your up too though

take care~