Sunday, April 20, 2008

Few experiments

Few experiments here and there:

Ok so bristol can take marker, lets try with the Canson comic paper and some digital flats.

its near decent but traditional shading with cool grays cant be edited, that kinda removes some options. Lets try some trad flats instead.

Ok getting better, ill have to buy an extra 90 color markers to do some real marker blending on these flats but its getting there, now lets try with a drawing that isnt as crappy.

Ok i think i got something, fast shadows on comp, fast flats on the go. Ill run a background test later today and start going overdrive with the next comic.


Joseph Lee said...

Fun sketches! Great job!

PoppyZann said...

Plop super Rom :D
And you work and you work and you draw and again and again! And you improve aain and again! Well done!! What an example for me, lazy girl I am :\
And thanks a lot for saying "hello" from time to time :D I'm looking forward to having news from you and I hope you're fine :D
Take care and have fun!!!

Dan szilagyi said...


you are a busy man these days eh? good work on the comic, reminds me to get off my ass to clean mine up too.
nice life drawings below too, keep up this nice pace of work!

thanks for the comment man~