Sunday, June 01, 2008

Alright, a few shorts on this post, ill have to post the rest separately since quicktime vids are hard to compile. Also the DA link is a WIP im working on at the job. Nothing official just personal.

The small stuff is a brainfart for a side scroller im imagining, who knows, might land on a flash coder who'll be able to help.

Current Animation WIP by *Mokuu on deviantART

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Dan szilagyi said...

WOW dude, that is looking SWEET, good job on the animations, how's work been man? i'll update the blog with pics from the art gallery event, there is also an anime thing going on at the gallery so i'll be sure to take pics, I'm also going to be selling some of my work at the anime con here in vancouver.

all the best dude, keep it up!
Ride the lighting!