Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The bosses

Boss 0: This fight will be like fighting a final boss at the beginning of the game, ull be at starting abilities, no fire power and super moves and you arent expected to win.
But you can win this fight if you carefully evade all her massive radius moves to land in quick counters to then dodge again. I might add an attack pattern change around 50% HP to add more difficulty.
But you do get rewarded if you beat the scenario, that'll be the fun part :D.

Boss 1: Man, i dont have many ideas for his attack patterns, he basically shoots bean bags at you with his shotgun, Maybe 3 way shots, grab attacks if hp is below 40%, ricochet shots maybe. He's basically the ease back boss you get to use as a punching bag for your newly acquired firepowers.

Boss 2: Enters the cheapness, youve had fun beating a long range opponent, but this guy will make you step back and FAST. So far, spear thrusts, dragoon jump. semi shadow step and i may add high damaging grab chains around 30-40% hp. Time to get serious with the fire moves.


Mariana Moreno said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment at my blog!! I missed you! :p Where have you been!? I couldn't reach you through the link at your comment, I found your blog's link at your DA. Great animations you've got here!! Congratulations!!

Oscar González Loyo said...

Greetings from México mu friend!!!!

Mariana Moreno said...

Haha! I know! It's really hard to animate and give enough strength to the movements. I really like yours! Bless Mr Squash and Stretch!

Good luck at your new apartment!

Well, about us, we've been quite busy lately. We just uploaded our new e-comic website (www.ka-boom.com.mx/e-comic). Right now Oscar is publishing Karmatron's classic era, we'll have it soon translated to English. And in about a month or two we'll be publishing other projects from the rest of the Ka-boomers, including myself :p

By the way, Thanks a lot for our links at your blog!

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey Man!

been a long time since i've chatted with you, sorry about that.
How are things on your end? are you doing a video game now? these sketchs are looking pretty good.

Congrats on moving(?) and good job with keeping tight with posting, i've been a bit lazy to update my blog as often as i'd like, but you can see my DA page though, just search for "Kubankin" i have some newer work on there that i didn't post here ( keeps both intereesting and not too alike )

In other news...i finally got a job in the industry again! i just got over my first week at Nexon games' vancouver studio called Humanature ( yes in one word ) you can check the site at www.humanaturestudios.com i do storyboards for a game right now and will be doing some concept art as well, the company is known for its free on-line games like Maplestory and Combat arms etc.

Anyway hope all is good and thanks for stopping by dude!

take care~