Wednesday, December 24, 2008

There's No More Heroes


#1 No More Heroes: WII

I have to chug out that everyone who owns a WII and isnt from this X-box live generation HAS to give this game a try. The game literally rewards you for being a gamer. From references of old games to complete gameplay style switch in mid battle, to their interestingly nostalgic interface. The game doesn't take itself too seriously and its a real blast to see how that plays out in-game. It isnt UBER hard but not extremely easy and does require quick thinking especially in boss situation.
Every bosses in this game are unique on their own and amazingly introduced to a point where it makes you wonder if Suda51(game designer) studied along side of Hideo Kojima when the chapter of creating interesting boss characters popped up in game design class 101. I mean, wow, its one concept that will stick in my head for eternity and i hope i can do the same with the low budget game im making.
Now the game has minor replay value unless you're a difficulty addict or costume collector and the game doesn't force you to do crazy things to get the REAL ending, its a ingenious though that will have Average to Hardcore gamers picking it up without noticing.
"You basically have to fight the last boss having earned the Last weapon (bit expensive)"
Yet even so, you may come back for more playthrough with your last weapon available at the beginning of the game.
So if you own a wii, go get it now, probably 20$ since the game didn't sell alot here, (very VERY poor advertisement during a Halo 3 season).
And i send my thanks to Suda51 for the confirmation of a sequel even if the game bombed in japan and relatively sold in the US, this is devotion, they do not think about the big bucks and i cant wait to see how Suda51 can surpass himself in this latest design.

#2 No More Heroes: In the world we live in

People, im seriously wondering if i should turn into a total douchebag once and for all.
Why? Ive had enough of being helpful with certain people then being abused and backstabbed right after.
Of course, i don't mean that this happen every months, year or whatever but bloody hell, thoses rate times it happens, it fucking hurts, adds useless stress in my fucking mind and i always get a chance to turn the "ass-kicking" option on but never do cause im too fucking nice to pull it off.
Whats up this time, well im at this new apartment and i landed on another PS2 gamer close to the land lady so hell we played tekken and spent some gaming time chilling. Now at one point he had to bring back the PS2 to the friend who he borrowed it from. So he asked me if he could borrow mine seeing that i had my PS3 setup. I was never a greedy and conservative person when it came to anything and the guy just came from Russia with his family living around the appartement building so he didn't really have squat when it came to gaming also worked as the janitor when i came there SO, sure have my ps2, bring it back when ur done with it or ill pass by.
And so it was brought back and all was cool, now ud think this would be it, right: Wrong, the guy came and borrowed it 2-3 more times. Sure then, as long as you bring it back and keep it save. Now where this really started to piss me off is when he started to knock on my door at 9 PM when im drawing quite on an A4 comic before a coat of marker dries up.
First thing is: Who in the name of fuck knocks at someones door at 9pm without announcing themselves first via phone call?
Second thing is: Sir, you probably finished paying that 1600$ you had to pay for your Canadian papers, your last paycheck already passed, go at a wal-mart and get yourself a PS3 or X-box360, Grow up.
At a certain time, i started ignoring the evening 9pm knocks, since i DON'T expect anyone to pass by without calling or ringing the door bell at the front and i didn't fraternize with my neighbors yet, never did, not that im willingly unsocial but you as you will see, it backfires in an apartment situation.
The peak point of this whole situation is when i started hearing those 9pm knocks EVERY NIGHTS. Oh for heavens sake how immature can you get as an adult and this isnt the funny immature that you have with friends and co-workers or girlfriends, no, that's immature as in: Im banging my head at your door for a cookie that i could buy at the dep store instead of bugging you.
So this lasted for a week and stopped the next week, possibly showing that he realized that the neighbors tough he was a depraved stalker or drug dealer. So finally, some peace and quiet, right? WRONG.
Slightly short resume of a mini-event that followed up: Landlord knocked-i though it was the same guy so no answer-Landlord knocks constantly-I grow more frustrated and kept ignoring-Landlord ATTEMPTS TO OPEN THE DOOR- I open up and ask WTF!-Landlord THOUGHT i didnt pay this month's rent- I show the receipt and precise that i paid IN FRONT of em: The end.
Slight fuckup on both sides yet if i wasn't hassled by the immature depraved chap, it wouldn't have lasted till 11 pm, no kidding, knocks till 11pm.
So recently, ahem, Monday, i got a knock at 10 pm, that was it, i had to explode, i had already tried to explain to the guy that this behavior wasn't socially accepted, we weren't that close and his financial status had got better, then WTF !
Textual reproduction of how i laid it down when he asked me for my ps2 this 10th time [WARNING: Foul language due to boiling anger]

"Now listen up you miserable piece of bitch, i don't know what the fuck you think you're doing and if you realize how fucking annoying and immature uve been about this PS2 lending shit. The neighbors told me uve been knocking at my door every fucking day, late night just for this fucking PS2 and i find it fucking sick how you can bother people at this time of the night for a fucking hardware you could have bought on your last paycheck IF YOU DIDN'T SPEND IT ON SHIT ASS BEER. Now if i hear that ur gonna pull off this late night bullshit on me again, i will shove my foot so far up your ass that ull turn vegetable and UH-HO NO GAMES FOR YOU. NOW GO FUCKING BUY A CONSOLE AND QUIT PISSING ME OFF."

--Door shut, headsets on--

And i have no regrets about laying it down on him quite harsh, the bloody bastard borrowed 100$ from me to buy a quick deal-ed laptop, payed me back, asked for PC games and then tried to sell it to me for 200$ a few days after when in need of money. So what am i, a dump whore who can be used and duped at every occasion, any average person would have told the moron to get the fuck out NOW, i just said " Nah, no need for a laptop, sorry". Bloody hell, now i struggling not to punch the guy when i see him. Where's the self-respect in milking people without being "serious friends", the guy basically came to be only for my PS2 while i helped him with his resume (his typing is shit), lent him money and tried to be a helpful person to him while he got settled in this country. Well Fuck it, i don't see why i should be nice to people i just meet, no, really, fuck it all.



Ok, as many times as theses back stabs and abusing happens there are always moments where you feel good, about being relatively good, short example: Last week Christmas shopping, 110$ total ,30$ showing up in the online account bills. So here's the choice: Do selfishly i save 80$ because only the last item was registered in the credit card bill or do i simply notify and pay for the malfunction?
I mean, why in the name of fuck would not save up on such a deal, right; Why would i not use and abuse of a lucky malfunction?
Answer: Just because i can.
As much as i hate my favorite quote hence representing my way of thinking, i naturally go back to the shop the next week, with the bill, to pay them the difference. And honestly, its a small book store so people are friendly and i was surprised that they were in fact stressed out at the thought that there was 80$ missing. So it felt quite good knowing that any theft assumptions towards their employees or robbery ideas was instantly cleared and also, they were nice enough to thank me for my honesty. A simply thank you for a good act, odd feeling of * 1 POINT TO THE LIGHT SIDE YEE-PEE* and it can feel odd to miss a chance to screw the system/government that keeps raping us with taxes every days. I cant bring myself to screw or rip off people when the opportunity comes to, really, many opportunities have occurred, people ive met just cause they are interesting and in no ways have i though of abusing or fucking over people. Horribly result of a Jehova Witness Dad and Catholic Mom with a dash of Atheism developed during high school. Yet im strongly getting to believe that there are No More "selfless" Heroes in this world or maybe just my entourage, or just less than before and this also gets me a big shaky about the notion of "Connections" to get inside the industry. Im not too keen on the whole " I know you, just to get in the industry", fuck that, if i got your number, ill call to say merry Christmas, if i got your email, have some well wishes or MSN chat. Now i will tell you all in advance, I-FAIL-AT-OUTSIGHT-INTERACTIONS, im either home drawing or studying anatomy or playing a game so i barely chat on msn as im never constant in a chatroom and i cant seem to call everyone regularly IF i have their numbers and it makes me a bit mad at myself at times. I recently miraculously found my old list of ubisoft emails, funny jokes and blogs from friends i had while testing and i though i had lost them when my last hard drive died, luckily saved on my first PSP memory card, bloody hell, i had to add theses guys on linked-in to get some news, see some blogs and ask em how they are doing. People i used to see every day and had interesting conversations with or even played games with. Damn, started to glee remembering the faces attached to the digital names and memories i had of our interaction and really, good people, that testing job got me to meet up alot of devoted people even tough i might have sounded jaded about the job yet that's another chapter.

Anyway, are there really no more heroes in this world, will there be less "good" people in this world, how can you foresee being screwed over before it happens? Experience i guess, remembering, analysing and then acting. Easier said then done but better late than never.

Its drawing time...

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