Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Next level

I want that SNK painting technique, from the comic, the character design and so on, gonna try to work some more on mixing ink and rendering like that.


StudioRisingStar said...

That's clean Mokuu!
Love the shading!


Dan szilagyi said...

I liked the older Capcom and SNK artist but the new guys aren't so good i think, i mean UDON's pretty tight but it doesn't bring that fresh "new" style to it but rather looks like it's a frame of animation coloring.

have you tried to color in just black and white and gray? i heard it's excellent to learn lighting and shading ( which will then extent into color nicely )

cool pose here as well, but watch the dude's right hand ( form )but i love the legs, nicely done


Anonymous said...

Yo Rom... Eric here (toonboom)...
Nice character pose. Reading your "critique" post, I say: You're stuff is way too Disney for me, but I think you'll be a kick-ass drawer in like 20 years. You know what I mean?