Thursday, August 13, 2009

Enjoying comic making once more

Otakuthon passed, things just went by and now i get to enjoy working on the ExtraStage Comic on my own pace with a 36 page advance. Right now im really enjoying the fact that i can flow with the story as much as i want. No real page limit, no character specific restrictions, no constrained character canon to bare with. Its quite enjoyable, ill still push myself to pop one page per week while having them fully colored and shaded so that Extra Stage Disc 2 gives a better quality than 36 pages on red bulls. But disc 1 was still a fun rush and it was a great relief to pull it out, spread it and at least get my name out there with this con so that i can get more drive to man up and bring more things on the table next year.

ComicCon Montreal is gonna be next month, got a few friends to meet again, Kate Bradley will be there, the Hulk's voice actor will be there and since i want that ComicCon to grow, ill try to spread the word as far as i can. Im sure it'll be bigger than last year and wont bomb like World Con which occured last weekend. The first time is always a dud, too bad this one was an expensive dud.

I dunno if i can participate to adapt this year, unless i tackle a big loan with interests and loosing a week's salary, man, i want to tough, meeting old friends, learning more madness, such a rush. Another spot i gotta advertise. Non official advertisement but not too hardcore since it can go wrong at times.

Anyhow, here are some of the cards i sketch on, i need to buy another pack tomorrow since they are running out while i thumbnail on the next comic pages, 99 cents for a pack of 100 i think, anyhow, they go out fast, i find them better than post its for the color, resistance and size. (I can still sneak em in anywhere and draw).

Ok then back to sleep.

PS: Go Finance games like Blazblue and Yakuza 2, low publicity but great games.

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