Monday, July 14, 2014

More steps but not much bump

Unexpected guests?!?!?! You arent part of this project!

Piece of work i keep doodling on from time to time. Who knows when it’ll be over

Old faces revamped since its been years. But what could it all mean lol

Even more characters join the fray

Spontaneous kat drawing

Recent commission:


Diana Luu, candidate MRG Models said...

Hello, I'm Diana, you came to give me a quick sketch that you did of me while I was working at Jean Coutu yesterday. Just wanted to take a minute to tell you you made my day. I checked out your art and its dope. Keep it up, you're great!

Mokuu said...

Thanks alot Diana ! I really feel bad tough cause i wanted to draw you more accurately, ill keep training : )
Thanks again !