Monday, December 08, 2014


And so that happened !

Got ropped into another monthly event and iii├Čim loving it. Damn you DLCs! #extrastagecomic  #sketchavember

Catchin up with the sketchavember with SHADOW COUNTEEEEEERS!!! #sketchavember #finalfantasy6

Last catchup with Mokuu presenting a mildly rare fruit. Imagine all the energy given by 2 vente lattes but with the taste of a rasberry orange combo. Now give it to this already hyper active kid lol #sketchavember

Even more light spells. Who knows if this character is gonna get more spotlight in the future volumes. He aint as important as the princess lol. #sketchavember #extrastagecomic

Lisa’s gonna get you ! #extrastagecomic  #sketchavember

Too tired to post before but a few designs for a monk character for a client. #sketchavember

Extrastage tennis strikers. Totally confirmed #extrastagecomic  #sketchavember

Scrapped portrait of a friend’s niece. Gave her to good version while i messed around with this one #sketchavember

Hospital patient while i was waiting for the x-rays. #sketchavember

Getting some more panels blueprinted. This assailent has more tricks to be seen. #extrastagecomic  #sketchavember

Working on a new streaming thumbnail. Might keep or scrap this base. #sketchavember

Before Terra, Bartz ,Onion knight and Cecil, Final Fantasy was blessed with the greatest hero of them all: Benjamin. 
Lol #sketchavember

WIP its gonna be fun. #sketchavember

Wip for a friend ! Mind bending monk #sketchavember

Not much fleshing out for this character. Still havent much time to work on that story and its cast yet. #sketchavember

Sketch for @joverine ‘s birthday. Its his character Balto the barbarian. Possibly confirmed for Street Fighter X Diablo . #sketchavember #balto

Messing around with a troll type character. I cant stop scratching on other projects while working on extra stage lol #sketchavember

Bit of a small Elisa sketch on the metro. Maybe there’s an hint lol #sketchavember #extrastagecomic

Prepping up a bunch of Devils Dare fan art. Here goes the two unlockable characters.  #sketchavember #devilsdare #secretbase #anthonycarboni #jonathanrivera

Pushing some more personality for Katarina. Yet i should really focus on extrastage lol #sketchavember

Randomly did a drawing of Michonne using some Neil Adams moves. I like the form his hartching creates. #sketchavember #walkingdead #michonne

That business douche character is gonna be fking hilarious to work on for #extrastagecomic  #sketchavember

Yeah, that shit is real. #sketchavember

More emphasis on how Drake’s character trait is all centered on chilling out instead of worrying about crisis and disaster occuring around him. #sketchavember

Quick catchup from the missed days: 
Albya Wong: “Target acquired”.

Someone’s about to get deleted.
#sketchavemberFew peeps are gonna get that reference. Its an old testing username i intend to use for future content. .
He is known as the illustrious MR.Shoot.

Some more walking dead. #walkingdead #sketchavember

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