Thursday, August 02, 2007

slowed down take 2:

Anthrofest passed, pretty good moment, met back with some good friends i met last year and this time double backed their contact info so that'll prevent some loses if my hd dies again. But for now, its time to work for otakuton, we have a class fund raising plan where we sell prints over there and all the funds go for the vernissage. So ill be there doing sketch commissions all day at our class table and possibly sketching people on location for the heck of it, studies and all. For now, here's a sketch i did for an anthrofest participant:

Anime sketches will be uploaded tonight.


Bonhomme said...

Nice work! I missed Anthrofest this year except the friday night, but at least we did share contact!

Con are always a good motivator to get stuff done and have venture in ways and style were not used to.

Mokuu said...

Tell me about it, yet getting a table is always a risk when you dont have much stuff to sell XD

Tevik Avakyan said...

Great sketch, love the character and expression. The gleam in her eyes is just the perfect touch.