Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Otakuthon 2007

This year for otakuthon, our illustration and design group tried to do an print sale to fundraise our vernissage. We got at least 6-8 people to participate but we were only 3 people at the table. In any cases it was a blast, met up with alot of people, old friends as well.

Carron, Sheryl and i chilling at the tables:

Steve from VG cats and i after out sketch jam. :

The 1 min sketch jam was about, anything and of course we started thinking ...yeah lol. :

Another target i have to disney-fy ! Bwahahahah:

Great Group cosplay of the Nintendo old schoolers.:A confrontation i setup between Ichigo and Cloud, ended in a tie.:

Yuna's ghost from FFX12:

Headshot, the www.i-am-french.net team and i:

Fun event and lots of plans for next year, its gonna be time for a second impact.


Richard Gaines said...

Does "Otukathon" have something to do with anime fans?

I just went to Comicon. Boy, was I brutally overwhelmed!!

Richard Gaines said...

Comicon is basically in an extra-large convention hall roughly give blocks long with only two escalators. Well really, it was a shellshock to be seeing all your favorite artists in one place. Since I had been there to primarily network, I felt belittled vis-a-vis top-notch talent.

However, I'm working on reaching artist's "cloud-nine".