Sunday, November 16, 2008

7 Random Fact

Alright gotta be fair, been tagged by Dan so ill have to post this and tag 7 other victims.

-If i sleep early, i usually wake up at 4am to draw till 6:30 am.

- Peanut butter and jelly seem to be my favorite breakfast.

- Im too competitive in fighting games, Street fighter, tekken, you name it, the only fighting game i cant stand is super smash brothers. Control issues.

-I actually own a wii, PS3, PSP and DS.

-I sharpen my pencils with an exacto .

-I use a brush pen quite often but i prefer the brush and india ink.

-I have a hidden stash of Copic markers ill user after i finish wasting my letraset on experiments.

Alright, now i gotta tag:

Brad Goodchild
Fransisco Herrera
Mariana Morena
Kendra Cook
Ryan Cole
Sandra Khoo

On the side note


Mariana Moreno said...

Haha! All right... I'm fine thanks! How are you!?

Wnna see some Moore's work? check out this blog:

Mariana Moreno said...

AWESOME! I just die whenever I see any of these guys' work :'( THANKS!

Mariana Moreno said...

OOhhh Yeah! I already know that blog...Mr. Keane's my HERO!! THANKS!!

Have you ever visited: ??

Here you can hear interviews to some of the best animators of all. You can't miss it! It's absolutely awesome, and Glen Keane is included in one of the interviews.

Mariana Moreno said...

Added! ;) I don't connect too frequently to the msn, perhaps once a week, but we can agree when to encounter each other :p

Geez!!!!! Why do you torture me!? Pedro Daniel is OUTSTANDING!! THANK YOUUUU!!