Monday, November 17, 2008

The game : Main idea

This will be a beat em up game, as old school as it can get, my main focus is on FUN and adrenaline rush.

Now this on its own can cause a few problems:

[]How can it be challenging and fun at the same time.

-Reviewing some past beat em up games, Co-op play usually made more fun since people tag teamed with each other to gang up on a cheap boss, annoying enemies OR overpower foes with custom made tag team comboes.

-Adding destructible elements: Everyone loves to smash crates to find power ups, why not give the feeling or creating a real impact on the enemy organization by taking out their utilities and machines, of course, this will be additional most of the times and will give the player bonus points, might have to remember this as a REWARD.

-Interesting bosses: One major thing ive noticed with bosses in past beat em ups is that alot of them had no personality or introductions. Recently ive played No More Heroes, this game both broke the plain "Boss has same pattern all the times" and "just another enemy with alot of hp." type of stereotypes. My bosses need to turn the previous army of badguys floored before reaching the boss areas, a joke. Maybe focus a bit more on "technical" boss fights without being too cheap or making the game dislikable, maybe making it like a small puzzle type of fight. Getting the boss fights to have their own flow. Thats a challenge using an old engine, ill also have to "Cheat" individual boss musics since the engine only allows "single boss musics", ill have to use good old megaman trick to open a new area and give it its own music then script a mini dialog with the "boss" with high HP and its own patterns, now as for the -End stage- trigger, well its either an element ill have to add at the end stage or a trigger area.

-Useful items: Ergh, thats an odd thing in beat em ups, the only game ive seen to it well was Alien VS Predator Arcade where the guns actually made a difference instead of the good old 2x4 stick or pipe.
Now since i wanted this to be a single player beat em up at first i thought of character specific "Short term abilities" as power ups, like pitting fire balls or causing earthquakes, maybe simply turning them into temporaty Elemental strikes.

-Lively stages: Super Double Dragon had that Truck stage, Final Fight 3 had that bus stage, Final fight 2 had many countries and a cruise ship stage. They felt like an antity of their own and didnt feel repetitive since you had to go in and out of these stages.

-Mokuu as a character: He's the agile character with firepowers of steel. He's gotta be fast, hits are weak but can be chained and he does evolve as the game goes along, Specially those fire powers will have to give an extra glee of happyness when the player uses them on the enemies and enemy machines. Maybe some extra KOed animations for Burnt enemies, that'll be fun.

Alright i got the stage storyboards, ill be posting after.

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