Friday, December 19, 2008

Cut backs and Rise of the Argonauts

The game project cutbacks:

1. 3-4 frames for animations in order to test the engine.
2. Cutscenes will have to be "living comic book" style for now.(Till i see if i have time for fully hand drawn sequences before i grow grey hair.)
3.Episodic method, only as a last resort.

Rise of the Argonauts

The game tries to be different from your average hack-n-slash. I mean, first thing that ull notice : No on-screen hud or map. And maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan do i want my map, i mean i really really miss the map. BUT the game gave me a real mind fuck when i landed on an NPC conversation randomly giving me a new and well needed item. Guys, you have no idea how much this plays with your brain as we are often used to being lead to theses points via objective or hints, this was just THERE to reward your interaction and searches. Very interesting little feature. The game is more centered on story thank anything else, there is a shitload of dialogue, really, a shitload, you choose how they go most of the time yet man i wish theses characters had more attitude in their body motion during dialogue, yet i dunno if that can ever be well done with this many amount of dialogue which can also be modified.
Obvious frame rate issue yet i wouldn't blame em as there are a shitload of people you CANT kill. Yep this aint god of war, you aren't a mass murderer and there are people living in theses cities.
The game is more story based than combat based, anyhow back to prince of persia then off to this one again.

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