Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Prince of Persia Collectors edition The good part

Ok guys, i know ive ranted alot on the Collectors edition and what came with it so this time ill just drop the last bit of fuel to the artbook dissapointement then go on about the goodness of the game itself.

The Collectors edition : Strategy guide

So i walk buy gamebuzz (i dont support eb games) to see if i can get myself a copy of Rise of the Argonaught (i support mythological games too :D) and while finding out that it came out tomorrow, i stumbled on a nicely covered book saying " Prince of Persia Collectors" ok so i thought that it was the redeeming Prince of Persia Artbook that ive been waiting for and that Ubisoft pulled a "God of war" on me (Strategy and complete artbook in the package) so i bought the nicely covered book along with the Assassins Creed artbook (great artistic team as well, same one i think). So in the metro, while sitting down and going home, i opened it and flipped through the strategy pages to evade spoilers.
And then.... flipped some more, and more, and more...wait, where is the artbook?
I FINALLY land on some art pages...all 8 of them at the end of the book.



7-8 pages of artwork so 8% of the whole book. What the hell.....what...the...hell....
Man, i couldnt even draw straight after, i was so pissed to have been had again...

So all jaded AGAIN, i come back home and takeout Saints Row 2 which i finished online with a friend then placed Prince of Persia inside. (Sorry Fallout 3, you come next).
Now i did get nitpicky about that code you need to enter for a "hidden skin" only available to pre-orders (I have the collectors edition....wheres the damned code..) and i do hope that feature is unlockable later in the game but thats it for the menus. Overall, very nice menu to menu transition, quite creative kinda like a blue ray movie :D.

Now i finally get to pressing the new game button and then ......

[Mokuu has died of an artistic orgasm caused by Prince of Persia, please beware that the content of this game is a bliss to the eyes, fluid and contains combat so satisfying that you will get adrenaline rushes. This article will continue once Mokuu is ressurected enough time to finish the game itself. Sorry, the game is too sexy right now GO BUY IT!!!!!.]

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