Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Enemies and bosses

Trying to get some Satirical Bad guys, the name's gonna tip you off at what im trying to make fun off. You wont just beat up humans but also some parodies of the typical furry character. Yet i dont want female enemies, i just feels wrong to have Mokuu, 10 years old, beating furiously on multiple womens with fire blazing attacks since the aim of my gameplay will be rage moves. Yet you will get to fight Katarina twice but she has her reasons and she isnt a pushover boss, similar to Jeane in No More Heroes.

Now comes the hard part, interesting level design, i want to stray far away from a game where you fight wave after wave in a repetitive way. Guilty Gear Judgement seriously suffered from that flaw. I gotta find a way to make it fun, surprising and none repetitive.

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