Sunday, August 30, 2009

Family Matters

Nah, not the show but i liked that show back then.

I got a few things to spill out on current family BS but before that, artwise, Extra Stage disc 2 is under way, 1 page per week since the time the first pages were posted so im at page 3 of the new book and ill try to keep that schedule up while im working at my new job.


For the family BS:

7-8 months ago my cousin borrowed a large amount of cash from me since i felt i needed to help her as someone robbed her credit card and made a large amount of purchase on it. So trying to do a good thing for a family member, so far so good right? Again this was 7-8 months ago, since then, she cut off contact with the rest of the family, having everyone wonder what the hell happened to her. She doesn't answer the phone, rarely stays home with her BF and doesn't answer text messages as well.
This kinda pisses me off to a certain level, i know she may have some kind of personal issue, but no personal issue is too great to cut off from the entire family FOR 7-8 MONTHS with no signs of life, that's just a bit exaggerated.
My only guesses on what could possibly be going is :
1)Unwanted Pregnancy
2) Deep Dark urban city after hour shit ((And thats just taking it to the extreme))

But either way, you can still show signs of life for fuck sakes.
Now its family, so i dont really want to pull off the "track down technique" eventhough i could easily force my way to an answer but burn the bridges to that family branch quite fast.
So sticking to that "family first" type of mentality where you still care about how the family is doing and that would be "the christian thing to do" even if i did turn atheist DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN after during high school.
So now both my second cousin and own mother are spewing shit about not giving a fuck about theses guys (that branch of the family) and their problems.
Ok, so the good christians are telling me to ignore family matters and that theses guys might be scumbags.

Thats goddamned twisted, its all freaking goddamned twisted.

This whole bullshit is fucking twisted.


So caring about family during hard periods of time is wrong? Eventhough they do stupid shit at times. Shouldnt they be left a few chances? I kinda find this mentality fucked up on many sides.
I wish i had more time to type it out but i might just have to do a Vlog about it

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