Friday, August 21, 2009

No longer supporting prince of persia

Dont get me wrong, i loved the original game, finished it and liked the ending.


The epilogue is a piece of shit.
I have no idea what they were thinking when they started programing theses levels but theyve managed to create the most frustrating prince of persia levels with the cheapest elements a-la Megaman X8: Last level.

I dont know who's brainless idea was to crank up the difficulty level to Devil May cry 3 stage after the moderately difficult game.
And some of the difficulty is added because of buggy jump, over emphasize on glitchy Elika jump spams and often poor camera angle contradicting the player's command causing leap of fates quite often.
Theses causes this anger and hatred that simply gets you to shut down the ps3 or go play a less buggy game.
Im quite dissapointed and i will no longer finance any more DLC for that game nor sequels and such.

Oh and i finished killzone before POP and even that was less frustrating since i had no bug messing around with the last boss fight .

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